Barrenness – Stallion Availability – Prospective Foal Policy

Barrenness coverage insures that a mare will be pronounced in foal. Policy conditions require the mare to be covered by the stallion at least twice during two separate estrous periods separate of the foal heat.

To save money, many breeders opt to purchase a “No Guarantee” stallion season rather than a “Live Foal Guarantee” season. The mare owner is at risk of losing the total value of the season unless a Barrenness/Prospective Foal policy is obtained. This coverage insures that the mare conceives and carries the foal full term to a pre-determined length of time after birth, (i.e. 24 hours, 7-45 days, or 1 year).

Stallion Availability coverage insures against the intended stallion becoming unavailable to service the mare due to accident, sickness, disease or death, per the terms and conditions of the policy.

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